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H2 Concepts in Toronto!

Here at H2 Concepts, we got our start as a sales and marketing company in 2011 in New York, NY. We began as a small firm that specialized in customer acquisitions for Fortune 500 service companies in telecommunications, technology, office supplies, and public utilities.

Through operating with a strong team mentality and maintaining high performance standards, H2 Concepts has expanded internationally with over 200 employees.

Fundraising Services

H2 Concepts has partnered with some of the largest fundraising companies in the world, working with charities such as CAMH, ActionAid, UNHCR, Saint Jude's, and the Red Cross. Now, we use our experience of working with the public in a business arena to raise money and awareness for some of the largest charities in the world.  Of course, our ability to help people in need starts with the money raised by our Fundraising Team; it makes the job of the Fundraiser that much more personal. The ability of the Fundraiser to get good long term donors affects a child somewhere, and they never forget that.

Marketing Services

H2 Concepts' current marketing campaigns having been growing rapidly in the United States. We are now in locations all over the United States and Canada. We have recently rolled out two new campaigns for the commercial and consumer markets. Our speciality is Retail and Event promotions for various brands around the globe. Our experience working with clients and customers face to face gave us the experience to represent companies like AT&T, Verizon, Staples, Canadian Tire, and Tim Hortons.

Meet Our Team

H2 Concepts has over 1,000 representatives in over 200 offices all over the US and Canada. Meet some of the top people in the company:

Valeria Carmelo
  • Valeria Carmelo
Mozard Pierre-Jacques
  • Mozard Pierre-Jacques
    Business to Business Sales Manager
Alan Caldwell
  • Alan Caldwell
    Assistant Director Business to Business Sales
Julien A. Barreiros
  • Julien A. Barreiros
    Executive Director Retail Sales
Joe Arciaga
  • Joe Arciaga
    Business to Consumer Sales Manager
Clayton Law
  • Clayton Law
    Executive Director of Human Resourses
Avinash Bhimraj
  • Avinash Bhimraj
    Sales and Marketing Manager
Jonathan Cameau
  • Jonathan Cameau
    Executive Director of Fundraising
Anamika Sharma
  • Anamika Sharma
    Director of Fundraising
Ram Dharmarajan
  • Ram Dharmarajan
    Training Director
Ravi Bodepudi
  • Ravi Bodepudi
    Training Manager
Regan Myers
  • Regan Myers
    Training Manager
Rafael Diaz
  • Rafael Diaz
    Director of Operational Planning