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At H2 Concepts, our marketing services provide our various clients with the ability to reach out to thousands of potential customers and consumers on a daily basis.

In a marketplace full of generic advertising and increased competition, H2 Concepts is able to interact and build relationships with the people that matter when our competitors flyers and direct mail is sitting in the trash.

Market Research and Consulting

H2 Concepts develops, in partnership with the client, a review of their target customer and establish a specific marketing plan and sales approach to most efficiently reach these target customers. As an award-winning outsourced sales and marketing firm, our clients appreciate the industry-leading marketing and sales expertise that H2 Concepts offers and that H2 will faithfully represent their brand.

Sales Generation

After identifying a target market, H2 Concepts combine our client-specific marketing plan with our proven sales techniques to drive a high impact, high ROI marketing campaign. H2 Concept’s teams of professional Account Managers are trained in these sales techniques in order to most effectively present our client's product or service, building tremendous customer loyalty and retention.

Campaign Development

H2 Concepts’ goal is to satisfy the needs of our client at all times. We are constantly creating, testing and refining new strategic marketing campaigns and programs with our client. H2 Concepts also provides our clients with “on-the-ground” feedback on current market trends, changing customer needs, and potential growth opportunities for future marketing and strategic initiatives.

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